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Vision 2020

Vision 2020

In order for us to fully embrace our mission, it is necessary to make a commitment regarding the type of church we are going to be. We believe that if First Presbyterian Church is going to "carry the gospel to Houston and the world," we need to make an intentional and significant shift in emphasis to being a "sending, missional, kingdom-focused church".

As a part of that shift, FPC leadership committed to planting ten new churches, equipping 100 ministry leaders, including church planters and missionaries, and raising $10 million for Vision 2020 initiatives. Since this bold vision was adopted, the church has positioned itself to fulfill the goals in several ways:

At the time of adoption of Vision 2020, we did not have any strategy, few resources, and little momentum to send disciples out to plant the gospel in the form of new church plants. What we had was prayer, will, and a prompting of the Holy Spirit. Now, God has given us a strategy and resources, and we hope with more prayer, vision-casting, and the Holy Spirit, and we can grow momentum toward becoming a church that plants churches.

Vision 2020 Report

Vision Sunday

May 17, 2015

Vision 2020 Intro

Vision 2020 Part I

Vision 2020 Part II






Vision Sunday Sermon

Marketplace Missionaries

Preaching: Jim Birchfield
Acts 11:19-21 



2015 Summer Seminars

June 7–July 26

The 2015 summer seminar series is designed for you to learn more about Vision 2020 and discussing how we can accomplish our mission. The class includes an explanation of initiatives such as the sending church, the equipping model for ministry, church planting and creating disciple-making ministries in the community.


Effective Prayer Class

June 7–July 26

An 8-week session on discovering how we enjoy and extend God’s glory through prayer available as a resource.



The Sending Church

Outward Focus

Andrew Stepp
Feb 1, 2015


Jon Crantz
Jan 18, 2015



Jim Birchfield
Jan 25, 2015 



Jim Birchfield
Jan 11, 2015