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Jerusalem, Israel


Name: Mary Floye Federer
Email: mffederer@fpchouston.org
Phone: 713-620-6485



Musalaha is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians as demonstrated in the life and teaching of Jesus. We endeavor to be an encouragement and advocate of reconciliation, first among Palestinian and Israeli believers and then beyond to our respective communities. Musalaha also aims at facilitating bridge building among different segments of Israeli and Palestinian societies according to biblical reconciliation principles.

The Desert Encounter is the trademark of Musalaha, due to its success. Musalaha has taken  thousands of different target groups of Palestinian and Israeli youth, young adults, and community leaders on a desert journey to one of three places: the Sinai, Negev (in Israel), and Wadi Rum, Jordan. We have found the desert to be a uniquely neutral atmosphere, where everyone is in the same position, before God and man working together to negotiate the hardships of the desert sun or a stubborn camel. The challenges of survival and cooperation provide an excellent occasion for relationships and open communication. Each trip has been a unique experience of cultural and spiritual discovery.

Musalaha has since developed programs for all members of the believing community. There have been Desert Encounters for Youth and Young Adults, summer camps for Children, social outreaches and reconciliation training for Women, Seminars for community leaders and Training for youth leaders. We are bridge building by impacting Christian, Muslims and Jews with the principles of reconciliation based on the biblical principles of peace, tolerance and love. We have begun to break down the barriers of inter-religious conflict among Christian and Muslim Palestinians, by giving them the tools for peace-building and leadership in their communities. These programs allow for participants to take their own journey in the reconciliation process.

Musalaha’s work involves taking people through the reconciliation process. Once participants have gone through the process, or have passed through many of the difficult stages, we aim at training them in reconciliation leadership. As part of the process Musalaha feels it is critical that the participants become reconcilers in their communities. In order for this to happen they need training in reconciliation leadership. Participants who have gone through this process are able to bear witness to its transformative power, help recruit new participants and bring them into the process. It is our vision and hope that in listening to one another, in understanding each other’s backgrounds and identity, in seeking forgiveness and to forgive, Palestinians and Israelis will build relationships that bring glory to God and peace to this Land.

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Twitter: Musalaha