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Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust

Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust

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Name: Mary Floye Federer
Email: mffederer@fpchouston.org
Phone: 713-620-6485

Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust is one of FPC’s multi-dimensional and dynamic anchor partners for the AIDS in Africa focus area.  Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust was founded in 1991 in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  The pastor of Hillcrest Methodist Church challenged the congregation to respond to the great need in the KwaZulu Natal Valley, the epicenter of the pandemic.  The separation of people through the Aparteid system kept many people ignorant of the impact of this new disease.  HACT was founded in one room of the church and they were soon overwhelmed by the number of people needing care.  Many people believed that those with HIV were bewitched thus abandoned by family and friends when they needed care desperately.  ARVs came onto the scene at the same time as the end of Aparteid in 1994.  With ARV treatment, HIV/AIDS became a chronic illness but one with a great stigma.  HACT facilitated the process for people to get tested and treated.  When patients started to be discharged from the hospice (later changed to Respite Unit) and began maintaining life on ARVs, the leadership of HACT realized that they must address the issue of poverty.  The  Poverty Alleviation Project was developed.  This wholistic focus of their work would address the physical, spiritual and economic condition of the people they served.  HACT is a multi-dimensional ministry with components that address the physical, spiritual, and economic realm of the clients through the nursery, feeding scheme, vegetable gardens to supplement the government provided school meals, the clothing center, the artisan training program, Woza Moya Gift Shop, the Respite Unit, and the Gogo’s homecare workers outreach.  

FPC has partnered with Hillcrest AIDS Centre since 2006, initially by purchasing unique handcrafted beadwork from their Woza Moya Gift Shop and selling it at the Advent Missions Market.  In 2009, FPC officially began partnership with Hillcrest AIDS Centre and funded one of the Respite Unit beds for the year.  The multifaceted ministry of Hillcrest AIDS Centre is making a difference in the AIDS pandemic in South Africa. 

FPC has been sending teams to encourage and serve HACT for years.  Teams have included dental, serving in the respite unit, helping outreach in the squatter camps, and coming alongside the Gogo’s, the grannies caring for grandchildren who have lost their parents.