FPC Campus Closure | Tuesday, Sept. 14

Due to inclement weather and the risk of hazardous road conditions, the FPC campus will close today at 5 PM and remain closed all day tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 14).


Evangelism Ministry At FPC

What is Evangelism?

At FPC, we understand evangelism to be every way in which followers of Jesus Christ communicate the good news of Christ's death and resurrection to people in need of a Savior. Thus, to be an evangelist means to be a "good messenger," an ambassador with news of hope and joy for the world. We value a lifestyle of generosity, hospitality, love, courage, holiness, and grace as a testimony to God's power in Christ, and we encourage our community to explicitly share the gospel through spoken testimony to those with whom they have a relationship.

Here are some ways to think about evangelism:

  • Evangelism as Proximity – Positioning yourself to spend time with non-believers while going about your routine and pursuing your hobbies.

  • Evangelism as Provocation – Embracing a Kingdom-centered lifestyle that stands in stark contrast to the ways of the world and stimulates curiosity about Christ.

  • Evangelism as Learning – Seeking to learn about and truly understand others instead of arguing and become defensive.

  • Evangelism as Invitation – Sharing the gospel not to persuade or coerce, but instead to welcome others into relationship with God's Kingdom hospitality.

  • Evangelism as Witness – Testifying to God's faithfulness from your own life experiences.

  • Evangelism as Authenticity – Pursuing friendship with vulnerability and honesty.

  • Evangelism as Organic Structure – Being open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit while pursuing growth in gospel proclamation. Although there is no one formula or "silver bullet" for evangelism, we can and should learn from appropriate models and strategies while maintaining a posture of humility.

The mission of the Evangelism Ministry is to see adult baptisms and new faith commitments by equipping members of FPC with tools and strategies to create space for Christians and non-Christians to engages in an authentic relationship that leads to an encounter with Christ. 

Evangelism Opportunities

How To Pray

Ever Wonder "How to Pray"? Join us for a new eight week series based on the Alpha prayer method. "How to Pray" will meet weekly to watch a video, discuss, and pray together. For more information and to register, click here. If you have additional questions, please email Emmanuel Paulpeter.


Alpha is a discussion-based introduction to the way Christianity answers some of life's big questions. Alpha explores the evidence for the Christian faith and provides an opportunity for people to investigate the faith for themselves. Alpha is a great class for both believers and skeptics. For questions, please email Emmanuel Paulpeter at epaulpeter@fpchouston.org. For more information, visit the Alpha website.