FPC Campus Closure | Tuesday, Sept. 14

Due to inclement weather and the risk of hazardous road conditions, the FPC campus will close today at 5 PM and remain closed all day tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 14).

FPC Congregational Meeting

Annual Congregational Meeting | November 8, 2020 | 11:30 AM

All are invited to join us for the Annual Congregational Meeting during which we will receive a concise update on the growth, vision, and activities of FPC designed to keep us connected as a church family. Today's agenda includes the following items:


  • Report from the Clerk of Session
  • Report from the Operations Committee
  • Here to Serve Update
  • Election of Elders
  • Election of Officer Nominating Committee

Join the Meeting 
Those registered to worship in-person can participate from either service location. To participate online, please review the instructions below.

Download Presentation Here

Online Participation
The Annual Meeting will commence immediately following the Traditional and is scheduled to begin at 11:30 AM. If you are participating in the live stream of the Traditional service on our FPC site, you can remain on the stream to participate. If you attend the online Contemporary service at 10 AM and would like to join the meeting, please use the link below to join the live stream at 11:30 AM.

Please note that if you attend the Traditional service via Facebook or YouTube, you will need to move to the live stream of the meeting on the FPC site to be counted in the attendance and to vote.  

Join Now: FPC Annual Congregational Meeting

Click here to access the Annual Congregational Meeting bulletin.

Attendance and Voting
To be included in the headcount for attendance, Pastor Jim will ask that all online participants provide their name and type "Here" in the chatbox on the FPC Online Worship page. Our online hosts will also let online participants know when to do this. 

During the meeting, FPC members (Covenant Partners) will have an opportunity to participate in the vote for the Election of Session Members and nominees for the Officer Nominating Committee. At the time of these votes, Jim will ask that those participating online submit a comment only if their vote is "nay". If you would like to vote "nay" for a particular election, please use the "request live prayer" button to submit this privately. Again, online hosts will be available to assist with any questions. 

Questions & Discussion 
Due to the complexity of managing audiences in multiple locations, Pastor Jim will not take live questions during this meeting but will instead host a Town Hall soon to allow for live questions and discussion. If you would like to submit a question now, please click on the link below.

Submit Your Questions Here