FPC Campus Closure | Tuesday, Sept. 14

Due to inclement weather and the risk of hazardous road conditions, the FPC campus will close today at 5 PM and remain closed all day tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 14).



Here to Serve is a two-year campaign and guiding vision to strengthen the ability of First Presbyterian Church to amplify the message of the Gospel for the sake of our future, our neighborhood, and our city.

For the next two years, we will adopt a single fund for all giving. This one fund approach means that the total sum of the campaign goal includes our budget for two years of operating expenses. This pledge card is a statement of intent and is not a legally binding agreement.

View the pledge guide and complete the pledge card below or click the link below if you would like to print and mail your pledge card.

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(Dollar Amount)

(Dollar Amount)

(This dollar amount should be double your new annual giving amount.)

(Dollar Amount)

(This amount should be the sum of the your 2-year commitment and gift from stored resources.)